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My love affair with DJ culture, turntablism and a deep love for music started in the San Francisco bay area where I grew up. I was in a family who had a music arts school. The bay area has helped cultivate some of the world’s most respected and talented DJ’s and feeling that influence led me to start learning at 14.

My professional DJ journey started by winning a DJ contest with Salt Lake City’s heritage hip hop station U92 KUUU 92.5 and starting the first drive-time mixshow every weekday. This led to a 14 years (and counting) career moving up to Brand Manager/Music Director of the station. With that came creating relationships with the music, it’s artists, record labels and management.

Through that I’ve had amazing opportunities to share the stage with some of my favorite artists. Connected them with their fans locally and created memories together. I’m grateful that the journey piece by piece has brought me to so many more opportunities between concerts, tours, clubs and corporate events.

I’m also proud to continue to inspire the next generation with high school takeovers with Hope Squad, an organization fighting teen suicide. Connecting with them with a common love for music (and inspiring the next DJ’s, producers and media professionals) is one of my favorite parts.